Water for daily drinking - dining or mineral?

What is quality water?

We've all probably heard statements like, "Water is the basis of all living things," or "Man is 80% water." This is by no means an exaggeration. It is impossible to overstate the importance of such a vital component. Water is part of all living organisms on the planet: plants, fish, animals. Including, of course, a man. About 90% of all processes in the human body occur with its participation. Water is necessary for us to maintain life and, therefore, the quality of water used, directly depends on the state of our health.

For all the apparent insistibility of the resource and the variety of options, the problem of choosing good water in front of a modern person is quite acute.

However, people may have different ideas about good drinking water. For some, the priority is the degree of health benefits of buying water, others enough for water to be clean and well quenched thirst, others base their choice of water solely on taste, and finally, the fourth it is important that the water is necessarily carbonated and cool. Many of those who buy cooking water make another requirement for water quality: they want to avoid boiling on the walls of a kettle or pot (only distilled water fully corresponds to this criterion). The main criterion for water quality from a medical point of view is its usefulness for health in everyday use.

The quality of public tap water leaves much to be desired, but, as an alternative, today the market is represented by many different types of purchased water. Including, and with varying degrees of mineralization. There are therapeutic, medical-dining and table mineral waters. If water belonging to the first two categories should be consumed dosed and on the recommendation of a doctor, the table mineral water, contrary to popular misconception, can be consumed regularly.

Daily consumption of table mineral water does not lead to the accumulation of salts in the body, and sediment in it does not indicate poor quality, but, on the contrary, confirms its natural origin. Table mineral water is recommended to be consumed raw, because when boiling some salts decomposes in water. Water should not be brought to an intense boiling point, and, especially, it does not need to be subjected to repeated boiling to avoid the appearance of white plaque, which occurs due to calcium dissolved in it. However, this raid is completely harmless to health. The reason for its occurrence is that when long heating or boiling occurs the transition of water-soluble salts of calcium and magnesium coal acid - bicarbonates into poorly soluble carbonates in water: CaCO3 salts - this is the usual chalk and MgCO3, which fall out in the form of soft white sediment.

Choosing a table of mineral water is the best option, meeting at the same time many requirements for good water, and the use of good quality water in sufficient quantities has a positive effect on the immune system, allows to maintain physical and mental activity at the proper level, which is especially important in the modern rhythm of life in megacities.

This is the water of the natural dining water "Roschinskaya" which is extracted in an ecologically-clean place. Its composition is balanced by nature itself and is ideal for daily drinking.