Delivery of water by tank-vehicles

The company "Roschinskaya" delivers water to your house in stainless steel tanks, in neighborhoods, in different parts of our city. Such tanks for transporting and delivering water home. Only our company uses Kharkiv.

Stainless steel is by far the best material for storing and transporting table mineral water. This material is poorly influenced by the environment. The tanks have in their design a thermosloy, which is located between two layers of stainless steel. This layer helps to maintain the optimal water temperature regardless of the time of year. The outer layer consists of technical stainless steel, and the inner of the food, which does not affect the taste of the water delivered to the house.

This allows our company to deliver the water "Roschinskaya" to your house in its original form with the preservation of all useful properties. Cars drive on pre-set routes and planned schedules. You can check the time of arrival by phone at 761-30-91, 050-513-72-82, 063-761-30-91. At the car you can read the documents concerning the quality of water and its composition. The driver will give oral information about the water and our actions.

For more information about the water and the nearest tanker stop addresses, call 761-30-91. The importance of water can hardly be overestimated, because it is the basis for all living things. The value of quality water is also very high, because clean water is the key to good health and clear thoughts. The natural water of "Roschinskaya" is the standard of impeccable quality and taste. Contact: 761-54-24, 761-30-91, (050) 513-72-82