Prices for the delivery of bottled water

1   bottle 19,8L
Са+  (70) UAH
Са-  (70) UAH

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 ( collateral value of container 150 UAH. )

2 - 3 bottles 19,8L 
(Са+) 65 UAH
(Са-)  60 UAH

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( collateral value of container 150 UAH. )

4 - 9 bottles 19,8L 
(Са+) 55 UAH
(Са-)  50 UAH

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( collateral value of container 150 UAH. )

Natural drinking water ensures the normal functioning of the human body, proper metabolism, cell function and internal systems. The quality of the water consumed has a very significant impact on well-being and health. In the cities of millionaires, the issue of clean water is particularly acute, so the order of water in Kharkiv is carried out by huge enterprises - for employees, and private customers for personal needs. Consumption is constantly growing and larger deliveries are needed.

Today, the order of water for the house Kharkiv offers in the face of a considerable number of companies. The presence of healthy competition allows customers to choose the most profitable and interesting offers, and targeted delivery - it is incredibly convenient, because so for the constant availability of clean water in the house or office, do not have to spend a lot of time. The most popular volume for ordering water is bottles of 19 liters.

Really high quality bottled water

Some people to get clean water, buy expensive filtration systems or go to natural reservoirs, springs. Such methods are labor-intensive and do not always justify themselves. Even the most advanced filters are not able to make running water completely safe and drinkable in one cycle. As for "clean" springs, it often contains more harmful impurities and bacteria than in the same tap water. Accordingly, the order of drinking water "Roschinskaya" in Kharkiv is a much more appropriate solution. Moreover, one bottle of 19 liters will be enough for about a week.

The drinking water processed "Roschinskaya" is certified by the Ministry of Health, meets all accepted standards and hygiene standards. For those who are in thought, what kind of water to order home,Kharkov provides a really large choice, so that intelligibility will not be superfluous. We are confident in the quality of its products, because before getting to the consumer, "Roschinskaya" goes through a complex chain of processes, which include:

Aeration (oxygen saturation);

Reducing iron content;

- exposure to ultraviolet (antiseptic effect without altering the chemical composition).

The place of water extraction is a large park in the sanatorium zone (134-meter well), away from the city smog, where the pristine natural harmony reigns. Shortly after delivery from the source tocareful processing and bottling on bottles, water is delivered to the house, but the price of it remains quite affordable. The cost of one 19-liter bottle varies, depending on the volume ordered.

The 19 litre drinking water supplied has good taste, poor mineralization, optimal acid-alkaline level. Its use maintains a general tone, and hydrocarbonates, which are part of the composition, clean the airways and have a beneficial effect on the liver. Thanks to dissolved sulfates, the bowel activity is activated, the gallbladder activity is established.

Modern service

Customers have the opportunity to buy water in Kharkiv and the region by filling out the simplest form of online ordering. It is enough to specify the contact details, and then in conversation with the manager to clarify details, such as the amount and volume (19 liters) of water ordered. The service is focused on the maximum convenience of consumers, so everything happens very quickly. The water is transported 6 days a week, so customers do not have to wait long.

If you want to buy water in bulk/retail, and Kharkiv/Kharkiv region is your location, "Roschinskaya" will be an ideal option. We guarantee that the wishes of each customer will be heard, delivery times are met, and the quality of products will allow a new look at drinking water.