The mineral composition of the water includes
Ca (calcium) and Mg (magnesium):
  • help relieve stress
  • stimulate mental activity
  • allow you to be in good physical shape
  • necessary for the normal growth and development of the skeleton
  • ensure the normal functioning of the heart and muscles

Chemical composition (mg/cub. dm.)

Total mineralization427
Dry residue560

The benefits of the "Roschinskaya" water


The source of water "Roschinskaya" is located in an ecologically clean, beautiful corner of nature, where the famous "Grove" sanatorium is located all over


What is the water of "Roschinskaya"? It is pure natural water with good taste, weak mineralization, neutral pH level.


Before reaching the consumer, the water "Roschinskaya" undergoes important processing processes: aeration and decontamination by ultraviolet light.


Delivery in Kharkiv is made from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. depending on where you live. The time



Drinking water delivery to home and office

People have long been trying to find what depends on the longevity of a person - on lifestyle and habits, on nutrition, from the nature-laid features of each organism. All of these are true only to some extent, and in reality the quality and life expectancy directly depend on water: liquid is required absolutely all organs and systems of the human body, and in sufficient quantities.

What should be the quality of drinking water

The quality of drinking water sooner or later all people think. Its value has been repeatedly talked about by scientists and physicians, explaining that pure fresh water is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Naturally, the water for the house in Kharkiv,served on metal pipes, is essentially "enriched" with all sorts of elements, that's just not in the direction of improvement. The water served in this way is unfortunately not suitable for drinking or cooking, and its use can turn into serious health problems.

If it is very difficult to fix imperfect ecology and polluted air, then it is quite possible to take care of the quality of the liquid consumed by a person. Every day consuming the necessary amount of fresh purified drinking water, as of which there is no doubt, you can forget about any diseases and always be in tone.

The best way out is to deliver drinking water

Clean water can be bought in a pharmacy or store, but it is not always a physical opportunity to do it - the reason is our constant employment. That is why the most correct decision in Kharkiv will be to order water at home and order water in the office - such a service is now very much in demand, its advantages are obvious. The easiest way out in Kharkiv is to buy a bottle for 20 liters,and regularly update the reserves of clean water in it.

Delivering water home in Kharkiv can significantly facilitate the organization of everyday life and improve the quality of life. The water delivered to the house in Kharkiv,high-quality and environmentally friendly - is not just a safe, but a very useful product, does not require additional boiling. It can be used even by newborn children! On it you can cook absolutely any dish, which will significantly increase their taste.

Ordering water to the office in Kharkiv is an additional manifestation of management's concern for its employees. Clean water can be used for delicious tea and coffee, a variety of broths and quick-cooked vermicelli. In Kharkiv, the delivery of drinking water is such a sought-after service that soon there will be no companies that do not resort to it. In addition, in Kharkiv, the delivery of water in large batches is much cheaper than buying a few bottles.

Ordering water in Kharkiv has another important advantage: the import is carried out as quickly and at a convenient time for the customer, within the working day of the company for the purification and delivery of water in Kharkiv.

Where to order water

Order drinking water in Kharkiv should only be in companies that have the relevant certificates and regularly pass checks on the quality of the cleaning. These companies include "Roschinskaya Water."

Do you want to know how to order water in the office or how to order water at home? There is nothing complicated about ordering water in Kharkiv:applications can be left on several phone numbers of the company.

Drinking water ordered in Kharkivhas a great taste, contains the necessary balance of trace elements. Its use will be a guarantee of excellent health!