Buy pumps for water in Kharkov

Regular drinking of natural and natural water is certainly beneficial! A variety of pumps can help ease the process of drinking water. Such pumps for water in Kharkov are available at very attractive prices, and you can buy a pump for water in Kharkov on our website.

Water pump in Kharkov

Our goal is not only to provide you with healthy natural water, but also to provide you with various related products. Including pumps. Making an order in any convenient way, our client can choose and buy a water pump. With such a device, the process of pouring water becomes much easier and more convenient.

Buy a pump - get a shot of water effortlessly
A water pump is necessary for a comfortable portioned supply of water from a large bottle (19 l). Depending on the method of water supply, the pumps are divided into:

Mechanical - with manual pumping;
Electric - with a pump.
Both pump types have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of a mechanical pump (hand pump for water) is the relatively inexpensive cost. Moreover, such a pump requires additional application of force to supply water.

Electric pumps, in turn, are divided into:

Electric pumps powered by the network;
Battery operated electric pumps.
The advantages of an electric pump are ease of use and the absence of the need for additional force.

Manual pump for bottled water
The manual water pump (mechanical) is made from high quality raw materials that meet sanitary standards and hygiene requirements. The convenient collet clamp of the LiLu Maximum pump allows you to efficiently and quickly extract water from the bottles. Moreover, it is easy to remove and rearrange to another bottle. The volume of the required container is 19 liters.

The mechanical pump "LiLu" Maximum is certified, convenient and easy to use and has a long service life. Water is supplied after several clicks on the lid of the mechanical pump.

Electric water pump
As mentioned above, electric pumps greatly facilitate the process of supplying water. You just press the button and draw the required amount of water from the bottle. Electric pumps for water, like mechanical ones, are designed to be installed on the neck of 19-liter bottles.

Electric pump for water (from the network)
Water is supplied by an electric pump Hot Frost A12 by a submersible pump. The pump operates on a 220 V. In addition to the pump itself, the delivery set includes:

adapter from the 220V network;
connecting cord from a car cigarette lighter;
connecting cord with USB connector.
The pump electric pump works without unnecessary noise and does not create additional inconvenience. Such a pump is installed on the neck of the bottle and is rigidly fixed with a special clamping nut.

Electric water pump (battery operated)
As in the previous case, the water supply is carried out by a submersible pump. The Hot Frost A10 pump is very light and compact and runs on two “D” batteries. Such a device greatly facilitates the pouring of water and does not require additional devices or actions. You only need to replace the batteries once every 6-8 months. You just need to buy a water pump in Kharkiv and enjoy a quality product.

Bottled water pump - the choice is yours!
All three variants of the water pump have a long service life, are made of high-quality materials and comply with hygienic and sanitary standards. You just have to decide on the pricing policy and the necessary functions. Modern design, simplicity of forms and affordable prices make purchasing a pump successful and profitable.