Electric pump for HotFrost A10 water (batteries)

Price: 240 UAH

Electric device for dispensing water at room temperature from a bottle of 18.9 liters.
The HotFrost A10 electric water pump is battery operated (2 “D” cells). A set of batteries lasts 6-8 months when used to dispense 1 bottle per week (19 L).
Water is supplied by a submersible pump.
The device is put on a bottle and is rigidly fixed with a clamping nut.
Water is dispensed from the bottle by pressing the switch.

Very lightweight and compact.

Weight (net): 0.26 kg
Weight (gross): 0.40 kg
Carton size w * h * d (mm): 70 * 750 * 70
Pump drive type: electric
Power source: batteries
Country of origin: China