What kind of water is right to drink during sports?

Calcium in the table water is the key to a healthy body!


Did you know that the calcium content of an adult varies between 1.2-1.9% of the total body weight.


  • Calcium is necessary for the normal growth and development of the human skeleton, because 99% of calcium is deposited in bone tissue, making it strong and solid.

  • Calcium also regulates the transmission of nerve impulses, ensuring normal functioning of the heart and skeletal musculature. Without the presence of this element, the process of blood clotting is disrupted, the elasticity of the vessels deteriorates and their permeability increases.

  • Calcium provides relaxation of skeletalmuscles, blocking the possibility of re-reflection of nerve endings.

  • In addition to the bone system, calcium is needed to ensure the normal functioning of the heart and muscles. Therefore, it is the element that should be ingested in the body constantly in optimal quantities.


Calcium and sports


The higher the motor activity of a person and the faster in his body there are biochemical processes, the more calcium he needs.

Supplying the body with enough calcium is a prerequisite for both power sports and those who practice sports that require endurance.

For example, exercise in force species can strengthen bone mass and have a beneficial effect on the skeleton, however, but athletes need to monitor the level of calcium in the body, as a special diet, high in proteins, can cause its deficiency, because the phosphorus contained in animal proteins, inhibits the absorption of calcium.


Calcium has a direct effect on the contraction of the body's muscles, therefore it is absolutely necessary and in cardio loads. When exercising, walking, running, swimming or aerobics, the musculoskeletal apparatus is subjected to additional loads, and maintaining the necessary level of calcium in the body contributes to the normal reduction of muscles (including the most important - cardiac) and strengthens the bones, protecting them from destruction.


Both excessive use of any micronutrient and its lack negatively affect human health. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the presence of calcium in the body and take measures to ensure its balanced intake.

It is even better to consult a doctor if you have health problems. After all, it is dissolved in water, natural calcium is best absorbed by the body and more effective artificial tablets replenish its lack in the body.

The water "Roschinskaya" dining room of the Sa- contains 90 mg/dm3 dissolved in water natural calcium, which, without a doubt, will bring great benefit to your body, helping to strengthen the bone and cardiovascular systems of the body!