Home delivery

Home delivery of water in Kharkov is, of course, one of the most popular services. Everyone has long known that high-quality and clean water is the key to the normal functioning of the human body. Therefore, for the proper functioning of internal organs and proper metabolism, it is necessary to consume daily & nbsp; natural, natural drinking water.

Water "Roshchinskaya", before getting to your home, goes through modern methods of water treatment, as well as the process of & nbsp; aeration. Due to the special preparation of Roshinskaya water, its mineral composition remains unchanged. You get healthy water and all of its natural minerals. Dishes cooked in such water retain more useful properties and taste. All you need is to arrange home delivery of drinking & nbsp; water .

If you have small children in your home, you should be very careful when choosing drinking water. After all, the child's body is more susceptible to viruses and infections than the body of an adult. Therefore, if you order drinking water home, you can to some extent protect the child from a large number of diseases. For very young children, pediatricians recommend boiling the water anyway.

Home delivery of bottled water

The quality of bottled water delivered to your home is influenced not only by modern filtration methods, but also by packaging. The bottle for our drinking water is made of high quality materials, without harmful impurities. Therefore, the water has no off-flavors.

Roshinskaya bottled water has a number of advantages:

  • Aeration - oxygenation of water;
  • The mineral composition of the water includes Ca and Mg;
  • Ordering water at home - easy;
  • Optimal pH level;
  • Sustainable.

The Roshinskaya water well is located in an ecologically clean sanatorium area. The depth of the well located there is about 134 meters. This is quite enough for the water to acquire all the necessary useful qualities and properties.

In order to place an order for water , you need to take a few simple steps. Even a child can handle this.

Home delivery of drinking water

You can order water home in Kharkov by calling the numbers indicated in the "Contacts" section or by filling out a simple form on our website. Delivery of water in Kharkov is carried out at a convenient time for you. Our employees carry out the distribution of water to apartments, which greatly facilitates the entire delivery process.

Our managers can always help you with the solution of all sorts of issues. You can get a full consultation on issues of interest to you, clarify the composition and quality of water, the volume you need, and much more. For convenient use of drinking water from 19 liter bottles, our website offers a variety of pumps and coolers. We do our best to buy drinking water with home delivery easy and simple!

In addition, now there is a special offer: “Order home 3 & nbsp; bottles of Roshchinskaya water and get a pump as a gift!”

Promotion conditions:

1. When ordering three bottles of Roshchinskaya water, we give you a pump! In this case, the minimum period for returning containers is 5 months.

2. Container - collateral (the collateral value of one bottle is UAH 150) or exchange.

3. Promotional offer is valid for the first order for new customers.

Regular use of natural and natural water is the key to great health! Water delivery in Kharkov from Roshinskaya - a guarantee of regular use of natural and natural water!