Office delivery


Water delivery to the office in Kharkov is one of the most demanded services among office institutions, and a cooler with clean and natural water is an integral part of the office space. TM "Roshchinskaya" is pure natural water with an optimal pH level.

High-quality drinking water in the modern world is simply a necessity, since the maintenance of all functions and body systems directly depends on what we drink and in what quantity. This is especially true for residents of megalopolises and big cities, including Kharkov. The natural water "Roshchinskaya" has a natural taste and low mineralization. That is why it is necessary to take care of the health of employees and order the delivery of water to the office .

Such drinking water not only perfectly quenches thirst, but also helps to maintain the acid-base balance of the body, which is very important for office workers. water delivered to the office is natural and natural, because our source is located at a depth of 110 meters and is located in an ecologically clean sanatorium area, so the water quality corresponds to the European level.

Ordering water to the office - saving expensive time

For a modern person, time is the most valuable resource, especially for an office worker. Constant deadline & nbsp; and full workload, do not leave time for doing the most simple things.

You can order water to the office in a couple of clicks on the website or by one phone call, this will save your time. & nbsp; Moreover, our drinking water delivery works for you 6 days a week.

Our & nbsp; manager is responsible for your water order for the office , who will issue your order as soon as possible and answer your questions. This will not only save you time, but will also keep you emotionally balanced.

Delivery of drinking water to the office

Quality office drinking water is pure, oxygen-rich natural water. Regular consumption of Roshinskaya water delivered to your office improves the functioning of the body as a whole. & nbsp; Namely:

  • Helps cleanse the body;
  • Promotes the formation of new cells in the body;
  • Drinking water in the office helps to speed up metabolism;
  • Maintaining the body in good shape;
  • Help to improve well-being.

Ordering water to the office will provide employees with timely thirst quenching and the opportunity to prepare their favorite drinks using high-quality clean water, which will only emphasize their exquisite aroma and taste.

Office water cooler will provide you with hot water

Bottled Roshchinskaya water is delivered in a volume of 19.8 & nbsp; liters. Therefore, for the convenient use of water, a pump or a cooler is needed. & Nbsp; A convenient desktop or floor-standing cooler allows you to provide office workers not only with high-quality water, but also to save time on boiling water for tea or coffee. There is always hot water in a special reservoir of the cooler, its temperature is optimal for brewing tea, preserving its benefits and taste.

Water to the office with delivery in Kharkov

This is definitely Roshinskaya TM drinking water, in addition to the high quality of our product, we offer our customers:

  • Free shipping;
  • Delivery on weekdays and weekends;
  • Delivery of drinking water to the office and distribution of cylinders to offices;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Continuous availability of promotional & nbsp; offers for new customers.

In addition, now there is a special offer: "Order water to the office - get the same amount of water home for FREE!"

Promotion conditions:

1. Delivery of promotional free water is carried out both to one and to several home addresses, at the request of the customer.

2. Container - collateral (the collateral value of one bottle is UAH 200) or exchange.

3. Promotional offer is valid for the first order for new customers.

High-quality water is the key to daily well-being and an irreplaceable source of energy. In addition to ordering drinking water to the office, home delivery