Floor standing cooler v500 - abc cooler

Price: 3135 UAH

Cooler abc V500 with compressor type of cooling.

The cooler has a mechanical blocking of the hot water tap (child protection).
To draw hot water, you must first press the lock button and then press the "foot" of the hot water tap. The lock button can then be released and it will remain in the clamped position. The button will return to its original position after the completion of hot water collection and movement of the tap "foot" to its original position.


Water: hot - cold

Cooling type: compressor

Child protection: there is

Colour: white with gray

Prod. heating: 5.0 l / h (≤ 90 ° C)

Prod. cooling .: 2.0 l / h (≤ 10 ° C)

Heating power: 420 watts

Cooling capacity: 85 watts

Temperature control: no

Type of allocation: floor

Bottle placement: on the cooler

Tank material mountains. water: steel

Cold tank material water: steel

Net weight): 10.70 kg

Gross weight): 11.90 kg

Dimension w * h * d (mm): 260 * 1010 * 330

Box w * h * d (mm): 290 * 1035 * 360

Faucet placement level (mm): 760

Hot water tank volume: 0.80 l

Cold water tank volume: 2.80 l

Heating element type: inner tubular

Cup storage: purchased separately

Room water supply: no

Faucet LED lighting: no

Faucet type: mechanical

Number of taps: 2

Water intake control: glass pressing the lever

Energy saving mode: no

Expl. at temp .: from + 18 ° C to + 38 ° C

Heating / Cooling Indicator: there is

Removable drip tray: there is

Guarantee period: 12 months

Country of Origin: China

Energy efficiency class cooling: A

Energy efficiency class heating: B