Floor-standing water cooler HotFrost 35AEN

Price: 7350 UAH

The HotFrost 35AEN floor-standing water cooler is the best HotFrost solution in terms of price / quality / functionality ratio. The functionality of the HotFrost 35AEN, as well as its ergonomics, will definitely not leave you indifferent.
First, a bottle of water is effortlessly installed in a special compartment at the bottom of the dispenser, which is closed by a “steel” door, making the device look luxurious in the interior of any room.
Secondly, the device is equipped with three buttons for water supply: hot (90-95 ° C), chilled (10-15 ° C) and water at room temperature. Therefore, a user with different preferences for the temperature of drinks will be completely satisfied with the purchase.
Thirdly, on the hot water drain button there is a "child protection" lock, which prevents the "boiling water" from being drained out of care.


Water temperature type: hot - cool - cold
Cooling type: electronic
Child protection: yes
Black colour
Heating capacity: 5.5 l / h (≤ 90 ° C)
Cooling capacity: 0.6L / h (≤ 15 ° C)
Heating power: 650 W
Cooling power: 80W
Bottle placement: bottom - inside the cooler
Weight (net): 10.30 kg
Weight (gross): 12.30 kg
Heating energy efficiency class: B