Floor cooler for water HotFrost V900CS

Price: 6000 UAH

The HotFrost V900CS floor standing water cooler is the answer to the growing market demands.

In addition to fulfilling its functional duties (heating and cooling water), a modern cooler simply has to meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

The device itself will delight you with its high "growth" (which will make interaction with it very comfortable), not noisy compressor, the presence of three water supply buttons (almost icy, hot and room temperature), protection against accidental scalding on the hot water button, a cabinet for storing accessories tea drinking and other pleasant trifles.


Water temperature type: hot - cool - cold
Color: silver with black
Placement type: floor
Cooling type: compressor
Heating power: 420 W
Cooling power: 120W
Heating capacity: 5 l / h (90 - 95 ° C)
Cooling capacity: 2 l / h (5 - 10 ° C)
Locker volume: locker 15 l.
Child protection: yes
Hot water tank material: stainless steel
Cold water tank material: stainless steel
Size (net) w * h * d (mm): 310 * 970 * 320
Size (gross) w * h * d (mm): 360 * 1060 * 390
Weight (gross): 16.70 kg
Weight (net): 18.70 kg
Energy efficiency class: B
Energy consumption: 1.20 kWh / day