Floor-standing water cooler HotFrost V450ASM

Price: 9310 UAH

HotFrost V450ASM innovative floor standing cooler

This model embodies the engineering solutions that the consumer has long expected.

1. Sanitation (disinfection) of the cooler.

The cooler is sanitized automatically without human intervention once a day, or it can be started manually at a convenient time.

Bacteria that, for whatever reason, could be in the water, are destroyed using ozone, which is produced by the water ozonation system in the cooler.

The sanitation system is equipped with a waste collector and a separator to prevent ozone leakage.

2. Modern ergonomics and cooler design.

The cooler function control panel is made of high quality acrylic with stainless steel texture. The cooler is controlled via touch (electronic) buttons with corresponding color indication, which makes it easier to understand which function is activated in the cooler.

3. The rate of water collection.

To make the use of the cooler more comfortable and not take away precious seconds (of which minutes and hours of life are added), the engineers have tried and achieved that half a liter of water in the V450AMS cooler can be drawn in 14 seconds.


Water temperature type: hot - cool - cold
Color: silver with black
Placement type: floor
Cooling type: compressor
Heating power: 650 W
Cooling power: 100W
Heating capacity: 5.5 l / h (≤ 90 ° C)
Cooling capacity: 2.0L / h (≤ 10 ° C)
Storage for disposable cups: purchased separately
Size (net) w * h * d (mm): 310 * 1030 * 340
Size (gross) w * h * d (mm): 360 * 1120 * 400
Weight (net): 15.70 kg
Weight (gross): 17.90 kg
Heating energy efficiency class: B
Cooling energy efficiency class: A