Floor cooler for water HotFrost V400BS

Price: 5758 UAH

The HotFrost V400BS floor-standing cooler is a practical solution for those who value originality, originality and aesthetics. The simplicity of lines and shapes, the successful arrangement of black and stainless steel will create a sense of organization and order. The elegant metal texture of the cooler adds sophistication and a fashionable aesthetic to your home or office.

The exceptional performance is in perfect harmony with the elegant design and is good news:

• protection against accidental pressing of the hot water supply tap;

• presence of an indicator of filling the drip tray;

• availability of a refrigerating chamber with a volume of 20 liters;

• neon illumination of the taps, which displays the cooler operating mode (the process of heating, cooling occurs).

The cooling chamber built into the lower compartment of the cooler maintains the optimal temperature (from +2 to + 5 ° C) to preserve the maximum freshness of your food and drinks.


Water temperature type: hot - cool - cold
Color: black with silver
Placement type: floor
Cooling type: compressor
Heating power: 650 W
Cooling power: 100W
Heating capacity: 5.5 l / h (90-95 ° C)
Cooling capacity: 2.0L / h (5-10 ° C)
Cabinet type: refrigerator cabinet 20 l
Size (net) w * h * d (mm): 310 * 1000 * 350
Size (gross) w * h * d (mm): 358 * 1050 * 386
Weight (net): 17.30 kg
Weight (gross): 19.20 kg
Cooling energy efficiency class: A
Heating energy efficiency class: B