Floor standing water cooler HotFrost V1133

Price: 4288 UAH

All the strength of the good design of the HotFrost V1133 floor standing cooler lies in its simplicity - the white case of the device attracts the eye with its lightness, impeccable purity and showiness. We managed to beat the white color with a stylish black insert in the water distribution area.

High "height" HotFrost V1133 will make your interaction with him very comfortable!

The device uses compressor type of cooling, so you can always quench your thirst with a glass of cold water.


Water temperature type: hot - cold
Color: white with black
Placement type: floor
Cooling type: compressor
Heating power: 650 W
Cooling power: 100W
Heating capacity: 5.5 l / h (≤ 90 ° C)
Cooling capacity: 2.0L / h (≤ 10 ° C)
Size (net) w * h * d (mm): 274 * 1090 * 312
Size (gross) w * h * d (mm): 340 * 1150 * 370
Weight (net): 13.00 kg
Weight (gross): 14.70 kg
Heating energy efficiency class: B
Cooling energy efficiency class: A