Desktop water cooler HotFrost D1150R

Price: 700 UAH

The HotFrost D1150R water dispenser is a compact tabletop dispenser that makes it easy for you to consume drinking water at room temperature. The dispenser is not equipped with heating or cooling elements and the device does not require an electrical connection.

Such models are widespread among kindergartens and primary grades of educational institutions. The device is made of high quality ABS plastic that does not emit unpleasant odors, harmful and toxic substances. You will certainly appreciate the obvious advantages of our HotFrost D1150R dispenser, such as: ease of use and maintenance, ease of water consumption and an affordable price.


Water: room temp.
White colour
Placement type: desktop
Cooling type: no cooling
Heating power: no heating
Bottle placement: on top - on the cooler
Faucet type: mechanical
Control of a set of water: pressing the button-keys by hand
Number of taps: 1
Size (net) w * h * d (mm): 330 * 365 * 330
Size (gross) w * h * d (mm): 395 * 360 * 360
Weight (gross): 2.80 kg
Weight (net): 1.65 kg
Warranty period: 24 months
Power usage: