Roschinska water treatment and water treatment stages

Buying water, we often do not think about what preparation it undergoes before it gets into the bottles. Understanding the mineral composition of water is even more difficult. Therefore, in most cases, the person is guided by personal tastes and preferences.

In this article we propose to consider what methods are used to clean the water "Roschinskaya" well, which is located on the territory of the famous sanatorium.

Water treatment phases

The main filter of the human body is often called the liver. Interestingly, however, its purpose is not just to rid us of toxins, but also to ensure that all systems get useful substances in the right quantities.

Similarly, the Roschinskaya water preparation system is not limited to removing unnecessary impurities.

The main principle that guides our company is to preserve the unique natural composition of water.

The procedure is carried out in several stages, each of which uses modern equipment.


The first stage of the goal is a rough cleanup of large impurities such as clay and sand particles.

To do this, use disk filters 50 microns. These filters are more effective than regular mesh filters.

They are a pack of discs. On one side, the grooves are directed from the inner edge to the outer, on the other side - on the contrary. Thus, when the discs are compressed into the so-called deck, they form undulating passages.

Thanks to this structure, even the smallest particles of clay and sand are screened, settling on the grooves due to the force of gravity.


Aeration is the saturation of water with oxygen. It is used for iron oxidation and the removal of dissolved gases, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from the water.

By penetrating the liquid, air bubbles contribute to the fact that the bivalent iron turns into trivalent.

The difference is that the ions of bivalent or dissolved iron cannot be removed, and the trivalent variant is insoluble and therefore easily filtered out.

Thus, the purpose of aeration is to prepare the iron for removal by oxidizing it.

Filtering column

The 20 micron filtration column removes the oxidized iron, reducing the ironness of the water to the normative indicators. Other particulate matter is also lingering on the filter.

Thanks to filtration, the metallic taste and smell is removed. Also, the parts of household appliances are less worn out, because they form less sediment.


The softener is an installation whose body is filled with food-quality iono-exchange resin. The name itself explains the purpose of the use: to make hard water softer.

When such water passes through a layer of resin, the impurities of rigidity bind to it. The ions of magnesium and calcium are delayed and replaced with sodium and potassium ions, respectively. Sodium salts are easily dissolved, so as a result we get less scum in a kettle or pan.

Thin-cleaning filters

For the final particulate cleanup phase, our company uses 4 fine-cleaning filters. Consistently passing through them, the liquid is cleared of contaminants and trace elements larger than 1 micron.

The 1mm score is not random. Our goal is to keep the water alive with all the useful micronutrients, not just to turn it into a so-called distillate, filtering everything.

Hard ultraviolet treatment

Ultraviolet radiation can be within 100-400 nanometers.

For the final stage of water preparation, we use ultraviolet light, the wavelength of which is 100-200 nanometers, so this method is called hard cleaning.

Such waves can destroy the molecules of organic matter, which leads to their death. This allows 99.99% of bacteria to be removed without altering the chemical composition of the water.

What influences the choice of water purification methods "Roschinskaya"

There is no doubt that each water has its own set of minerals and different chemical compounds. Therefore, there is simply no universal method of cleaning.

Before the equipment is installed, a comprehensive analysis of the horizon in a given area is carried out, after which the necessary filters are selected.

In its composition, the water "Roschinskaya" almost perfectly meets the regulatory requirements. Actually, for this reason, a sanatorium was opened near the source.

The company's mission

Writer Sergey Aksakov said: "Water is the beauty of all nature. The water is alive, it is running or worrying about the wind, it moves and gives life and movement to everything around it."

We understand that nowadays it is difficult to find water that would satisfy the body's natural needs for nutrients. To come to the sanatorium to drink "Roschinskaya" is also not available for everyone.

With this in mind, our company considers it its mission to do everything possible so that everyone can afford to use quality natural water, which preserves its original composition.

We also take into account the fact that more and more people use bottled water for cooking, for use in coffee machines, etc.

In this way, we ensure that our customers receive a universal product that preserves its natural properties and useful substances as much as possible.