Action! "Beautiful smile with water "Roschinskaya"

TM "Roschinskaya" together with the dental clinic "Pearl" is holding the action "Beautiful smile with water "Roschinskaya"".

Anyone who applies to one of the addresses of the Pearl Clinic, TM "Roschinskaya" will be given 20l of natural water and special equipment (pump and 20 litre bottle).

Visit the clinic at one of the addresses

Order three imported seals Get a gift worth 205 UAH.

Addresses of the "Pearl" dental clinic:

  • Sumskaya, 3;
  • Danilevsky, 20;
  • Pushkinskaya, 67;
  • Civic,14;
  • Grigorovsky Highway, 53;
  • Jubilee Avenue, 59.

What is useful for regular use of water "Roschinskaya" for the health of teeth and the whole body?

  • The water "Roschinskaya" dining room of Sa' contains 90mg/dm3 dissolved in water natural calcium, which, without a doubt, brings great benefits to human health.
  • Regular use of roschinskaya water helps to maintain the level of calcium in the body.
  • Natural calcium dissolved in the water "Roschinskaya" is perfectly digested and helps to keep your teeth healthy, and the smile is beautiful!