Water coolers HotFrost

Water coolers HotFrost

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It is impossible to imagine a modern office without a water cooler, be it a company of three employees or a huge holding company. In addition to offices, coolers are increasingly appearing in our homes. It has long been no secret to anyone that you can drink tap water only by boiling it well or using all kinds of expensive filters. Therefore, people are increasingly ordering water home. A 19 liter bottle is good for its volume, but pouring water from such a vessel is quite problematic, therefore, a variety of pumps and coolers are used for convenient pouring of water.

It is easy and simple to buy a water cooler in Kharkov with us!
Now it is easiest to buy a water cooler in Kharkiv by placing an order on our website or by calling the phones listed in the "Contacts" section. Naturally, before making an order, you need to make your choice. First, let's take a look at what a cooler is and what types of coolers are available.

The most widespread are two types of coolers:

outdoor coolers;
desktop coolers.
Both types of coolers are powered by 220 V.

The general definition of the word cooler tells us that this is a special device designed for dispensing water. Coolers can also come with various additional features such as:

cooler for water with cooling;
water cooler with heating.

Heating water in a cooler is an obligatory function, but cooling is an additional one. The most common cooling method is compression cooling, which cools water four times faster and more strongly.

A large assortment of various cooler models is presented on our site. For every taste. Therefore, you can easily find the right one for you!

Buy a desktop cooler - compact and reliable
In addition to small overall dimensions, desktop coolers have many advantages. Desktop coolers presented on our website have a very useful water heating function.

A cooler with heated water is very convenient, especially if there is no kettle or coffee maker at hand. The water is heated to the optimum temperature in a few minutes, then its temperature is maintained at the same level.

Besides such a useful function, desktop coolers have:

small overall dimensions;
low power consumption;
laconic design;
acceptable cost.

Most often, a desktop cooler is equipped with two taps, one for cold and the other for hot water. The hot water temperature reaches 95 degrees Celsius. This is the most optimal temperature for brewing tea or coffee.

Water supply is carried out by means of “push” taps or by means of buttons located on the body of the device. The "push" system allows you to pour water into a cup or glass in one motion, you need to press the tap with the cup and draw the required amount of water. If you have a small office, then buy a desktop cooler, the price of which ranges from about one to five thousand hryvnia - that's what you need!

Buy a floor standing water cooler in Kharkov - for office and home
Floor coolers most often differ from desktop coolers by the presence of an additional section. There is a niche directly under the water taps. Depending on the cost of a cooler, this niche may contain either a place to store dishes or tea and coffee accessories, or a small refrigerator. Some models provide for the placement of the water bottle itself in this place.

On our site you can find a large assortment of floor-standing coolers, the price of which varies from about 1800 to a little more than 10000 hryvnia. You can easily match your floor standing cooler based on your budget and design requirements. Such a device will perfectly fit into the interior of the office and home kitchen, even if the space is not large.